Rome George Arnold IV

Talking Head E’ 18

Place of Origin: Not Italy

Favorite Musician: Duke Silver

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Bananashuhnow

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: EP

Bench Press: 12 European. 2 American.

Body Abnormalities: I am a perfect specimen

Ideal Date: I enjoy long walks on the beach and complaining about sand in my shoes for the rest of the night.

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Easy-Bake Oven

Random Fact: I peaked in High School

Christian Adam Butts

Business Manager, W’ 18

Place of Origin: Cherry Hill, NJ

Favorite Musician: Chance, Childish, Coldplay, maybe Khalid

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: CHA

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Can’t Help Falling in Love

Bench Press: On a good day, I benchpress about 1/15 of a Toyota Prius

Body Abnormalities: Hitchhiker’s thumb

Ideal Date: November 4, 2008

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: mini ice cream scoop

Random Fact: I speak Esperanto in my dreams and enjoy all the sportballs

Marjon Linsangan Enriquez

LPS ’18

Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines

Favorite Musician: Doris Pringle-Brule-Salahari

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: hunk-a-junk-a-hunk-a-dee-junk

Favorite Song in the Pennchants Repertoire: ‘Chants Just Wanna Have Fun by THE Matt Howard

Benchpress: The entire Kidz Bop ensemble

Weird Body Abnormalities: I have a big heart

Ideal Date: Carbon-14

Favorite Kitchen Utensil/Appliance: Nutcracker

Random Fact: that’s personal

Dylan Wordsworth Levine

Music Director, E ’19

Place of Origin: New Jersey

Favorite Musician: John Meyer

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Vroome

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: More than Words

Bench Press: Can’t even

Body Abnormalities: Baby-smooth heals

Ideal Date: Qdoba and a bad movie

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Potato brush

Random Fact: Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females.

Rom Villarica

Webmaster, W ’19, E ’19

Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines

Favorite Musician: Walk the Moon

Favorite A Cappella Syllable:

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: How Deep Is Your Love

Bench Press: 214

Body Abnormalities: I have a birthmark in the vague shape of the Philippines on my left arm

Ideal Date: 8/21/1997

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Spoon

Random Fact: I can only whistle through my hands

Bennet Caraher

Webmaster, E’19

Place of Origin: Dublin, Ireland

Favorite Musician: Snarky Puppy

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Bwee-dooo

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Feelin’ good

Benchpress: 10 pounds on a good day

Body Abnormalities: Bent fingers, it’s kinda weird

Ideal Date: Dinner at Bojangle’s followed by the entire Shrek anthology

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Those cerealbox lightsaber spoons from like 2005

Random Fact: Humans and Giraffes have the same number of neck vertebrae (7)

Tiger Zhang


Place of Origin: Rockville, Maryland

Favorite Musician: Frank Sinatra

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Baochicawaonaowaowaowao

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Boy Band Medley

Benchpress: At least 1.5 girlfriends

Body Abnormalities: My biceps are bigger than my quads

Ideal Date: Jungle book, nandos, stroll, dog watching, minor petty theft from Barnes and noble

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Blender

Random Fact: Wombats poop cubes and have backward pouches and I bought a stuffed animal wombat.


Jack Michael Allison

Apparel Chair, C’20

Place of Origin: Philadelphia

Favorite Musician: Steely Dan

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: bigbottom

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: I Want You Back

Benchpress: About four or five small children

Current Sexual Partners: Abstinent

Current Attractive Sexual Partners: Abstinent

Preferred Sex Noise: Zoo-Wee-Mama!

Body Abnormalities: Ever since the accident it’s been a heightened sense of smell.

Ideal Date: Take her to the Chuck-E-Cheese around the corner WITHOUT showing her the unlimited pizza coupon in my wallet. Slip the coupon to the garçon and have him refill those pizza pies to her heart’s content. Take her to the jungle gym and- the rest is l’histoire.

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Sink

Random Fact: I played runescape for almost 3 hours every night in 6th grade.

Adam Martin Louis Kimmel

C ’21

Place of Origin: Kennett Square, PA

Favorite Musician: Steven Lynch

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Do

Favorite Song in the Pennchants’ Repertoire: Jesse’s Girl (and/or EP and/or Boy Band)

Benchpress: 2.244598 small children

Body Abnormalities: Crooked nose (subject to change if I move to Hollywood)

Ideal Date: Boardwalk adventure at the beach followed by cuddling and binge-watching a good show

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Whisk (correctly pronounced “hwisk”)

Random Fact: I can quote the entirety of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on command

Eduardo Noel Xavier Abella Peralta

C ’21

Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines

Favorite Musician: John Lennon

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Jin

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: EP

Benchpress: 2 tiny children or 4 dogs or 8 cats

Body Abnormalities: Anime Eyes

Ideal Date: Hiking up a mountain then sharing a sunset from the peak with my SO

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Spatula

Random Fact: I once threw a frog at my homeroom teacher

Liam Alexander Hosey

C ’21

Place of Origin: San Diago, which, of course, in German means a whale’s vagina

Favorite Musician: Bon Iver

Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Na

Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: I Want You Back

Benchpress: 3 small children or 4 Adam Kimmels

Body Abnormalities: I see x-ray (nice bra)

Ideal Date: February 12th, 2064. I get to retire and get fat

Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Melon Baller

Random Fact: I once aspired to be a Japanese Geisha

The Guys

As you can see by exploring any of the biographies above, the Pennchants are an eclectic and unique group of men (and female business managers throughout the years). In addition to our active membership, we maintain a long list of Pennchants sleeper cells, or as some put it, “Alumni”. If you are a Pennchants alum and cannot find your name on the below list, please contact us.


  • Walter Kalmans, ’89
  • Michael Handler, ’90
  • Marvin Lyon, ’90
  • Jack Ross, ’90
  • Robert Biron, ’91
  • Mathew Williams, ’91
  • Rick Aronstein, ’92
  • Jeff Coon, ’92
  • Dan Katz, ’92
  • Myong Leigh, ’92
  • John Shu, ’92
  • David Goldsmith, ’93
  • Matt Larsen, ’93
  • Jefrey Pollock, ’93
  • Kris Wood, ’93
  • David Zlotchew, ’93
  • Elie Landau, ’94
  • Tom Modic, ’94
  • Bryan Reid, ’94
  • Brian Spitzer, ’94
  • Seth Bloom, ’95
  • Dan Coelho, ’95
  • Casey Ryan, ’95
  • Mike Adelstein, ’96
  • Mike Elkins, ’96
  • Hafiz Huda, ’96
  • Todd Shotz, ’96
  • Brian Turnbaugh, ’96
  • Amol Dixit, ’97
  • Brett Lovins, ’97
  • Victor Ziccardi, ’97
  • Dan Weinstein, ’98
  • Eddie Mercado, ’99
  • Eduardo Placer, ’99
  • Erick Wollschlager, ’99
  • Mark Glassman, ’00
  • Travis Hong, ’00
  • Dan Pincus, ’00
  • Jared Susco, ’01
  • Aki Peritz, ’01
  • Aaron Perlis, ’01
  • Piers Platt, ’02
  • Chris Cyr, ’02
  • Chris Neuhaus, ’02
  • Jon Rand, ’02
  • Eric Esterkin, ’03
  • Erik Liederbach, ’03
  • Andrew Mackintosh, ’03
  • Maneesh Nisargand, ’04
  • Evan Schneyer, ’04
  • Duncan Sinclair, ’04
  • Dan Caroff, ’05
  • Eric Feigenbaum, ’05
  • Tim Parks, ’05
  • Andrew Caldwell, ’06
  • Chris Bellis, ’06
  • Tim Ambrose ’06
  • Elliot Dawson ’06
  • Moses Sternstein ’06
  • Dinesh Thirupuvanam ’06
  • Matthew Scherer ’06
  • William Jelliffe, ’07
  • Michael Dugan ’07
  • Edward Lam ’07
  • Laura Zieja ’07
  • Ryan Victor, ’08
  • Danny Yoo ’08
  • Jim Ballas ’08
  • Greg Buchak ’09
  • Akash Barot, ’09
  • Brad Baillargeon, ’09
  • Adam El Sehamy, ’09
  • Marisa Unger, ’09
  • Doug Lotz, ’09
  • Zhibo Wang, ’09
  • Brittany Siegal, ’09
  • Bennett Meier, ’10
  • Dan Silverman, ’10
  • Nick Cocca, ’10
  • Mike Winsten, ’11
  • Michael Yee, ’11
  • Joshua Goldman, ’12
  • Matt Kaye, ’12
  • Eric Mead, ’12
  • Zuri Michan, ’12
  • Scott Ventre, ’13
  • Evan Kramer, ’14
  • Eric Kauderer-Abrams, ’14
  • Andrew Green, ’14
  • Micah Kaats, ’14
  • Christian Joseph (C.J.) Gallopo, ’14
  • Ryan Powers, ’14
  • Riley Vroome, ’14
  • Jake Meiner, ’15
  • Matt Rader, ’15
  • Will Krieger, ’15
  • Alex Meyer, ’16
  • Andrew Robertson, ’16
  • Adam Parham, ’16
  • Spencer Jaffe, ’16
  • Alaric Qin, ’16
  • Forrest Milburn, ’17
  • Matt Howard, ’17
  • Grant Kleiser, ’17
  • Malcolm Combs, ’17
  • David Silbert, ’17