Marjon Linsangan Enriquez

LPS ’18 Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines Favorite Musician: Doris Pringle-Brule-Salahari Favorite A Cappella Syllable: hunk-a-junk-a-hunk-a-dee-junk Favorite Song in the Pennchants Repertoire: ‘Chants Just Wanna Have Fun by THE Matt Howard Benchpress: The entire Kidz Bop ensemble Weird Body Abnormalities: I have a big heart Ideal Date: Carbon-14 Favorite Kitchen Utensil/Appliance: Nutcracker Random Fact: that’s… Read more »

Liam Alexander Hosey

C ’21 Place of Origin: San Diago, which, of course, in German means a whale’s vagina Favorite Musician: Bon Iver Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Na Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: I Want You Back Benchpress: 3 small children or 4 Adam Kimmels Body Abnormalities: I see x-ray (nice bra) Ideal Date: February 12th, 2064. I… Read more »

Eduardo Noel Xavier Abella Peralta

C ’21 Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines Favorite Musician: John Lennon Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Jin Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: EP Benchpress: 2 tiny children or 4 dogs or 8 cats Body Abnormalities: Anime Eyes Ideal Date: Hiking up a mountain then sharing a sunset from the peak with my SO Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil:… Read more »

Adam Martin Louis Kimmel

C ’21 Place of Origin: Kennett Square, PA Favorite Musician: Steven Lynch Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Do Favorite Song in the Pennchants’ Repertoire: Jesse’s Girl (and/or EP and/or Boy Band) Benchpress: 2.244598 small children Body Abnormalities: Crooked nose (subject to change if I move to Hollywood) Ideal Date: Boardwalk adventure at the beach followed by… Read more »

Bennet Caraher

Webmaster, E’19 Place of Origin: Dublin, Ireland Favorite Musician: Snarky Puppy Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Bwee-dooo Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Feelin’ good Benchpress: 10 pounds on a good day Body Abnormalities: Bent fingers, it’s kinda weird Ideal Date: Dinner at Bojangle’s followed by the entire Shrek anthology Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Those cerealbox lightsaber spoons from like 2005 Random… Read more »

Tiger Zhang

W’20 Place of Origin: Rockville, Maryland Favorite Musician: Frank Sinatra Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Baochicawaonaowaowaowao Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Boy Band Medley Benchpress: At least 1.5 girlfriends Body Abnormalities: My biceps are bigger than my quads Ideal Date: Jungle book, nandos, stroll, dog watching, minor petty theft from Barnes and noble Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Blender Random… Read more »

Jack Michael Allison

Apparel Chair, C’20 Place of Origin: Philadelphia Favorite Musician: Steely Dan Favorite A Cappella Syllable: bigbottom Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: I Want You Back Benchpress: About four or five small children Current Sexual Partners: Abstinent Current Attractive Sexual Partners: Abstinent Preferred Sex Noise: Zoo-Wee-Mama! Body Abnormalities: Ever since the accident it’s been a heightened sense of smell…. Read more »

Rom Villarica

Webmaster, W ’19, E ’19 Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines Favorite Musician: Walk the Moon Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: How Deep Is Your Love Bench Press: 214 Body Abnormalities: I have a birthmark in the vague shape of the Philippines on my left arm Ideal Date: 8/21/1997 Favorite Kitchen… Read more »

Dylan Wordsworth Levine

Music Director, E ’19 Place of Origin: New Jersey Favorite Musician: John Meyer Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Vroome Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: More than Words Bench Press: Can’t even Body Abnormalities: Baby-smooth heals Ideal Date: Qdoba and a bad movie Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Potato brush Random Fact: Billy goats urinate on their own heads… Read more »

Rome George Arnold IV

Talking Head E’ 18 Place of Origin: Not Italy Favorite Musician: Duke Silver Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Bananashuhnow Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: EP Bench Press: 12 European. 2 American. Body Abnormalities: I am a perfect specimen Ideal Date: I enjoy long walks on the beach and complaining about sand in my shoes for the… Read more »