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Pennchants Auditions 2017

“Trying out for the Pennchants was the best decision I made during my time at Penn.” – Rome Arnold, E’18 Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of Penn’s all-male, all-ass kicking, all name-taking a cappella group? Do you want to collaborate with groups like the UPenn Quaker Notes? Are you tired… Read more »

Pennchants Present: Fake Notes and Alternative Flats

Who: The only All-Male, All Ass-Kicking, All Name-Taking A Cappella Group on campus What: Our 28th Annual Spring Show, featuring hits by Panic! At the Disco, Frank Sinatra, and Queen When: 7:00 PM April 14th and 15th Where: Harrison Auditorium, Penn Museum Check it out on Facebook! Watch the show video

Bennet Caraher

Webmaster, E’19 Place of Origin: Dublin, Ireland Favorite Musician: Snarky Puppy Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Bwee-dooo Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Feelin’ good Benchpress: 10 pounds on a good day Body Abnormalities: Bent fingers, it’s kinda weird Ideal Date: Dinner at Bojangle’s followed by the entire Shrek anthology Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Those cerealbox lightsaber spoons from like 2005 Random… Read more »

Tiger Zhang

W’20 Place of Origin: Rockville, Maryland Favorite Musician: Frank Sinatra Favorite A Cappella Syllable: Baochicawaonaowaowaowao Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: Boy Band Medley Benchpress: At least 1.5 girlfriends Body Abnormalities: My biceps are bigger than my quads Ideal Date: Jungle book, nandos, stroll, dog watching, minor petty theft from Barnes and noble Favorite Kitchen Appliance/Utensil: Blender Random… Read more »

Jack Michael Allison

Apparel Chair, C’20 Place of Origin: Philadelphia Favorite Musician: Steely Dan Favorite A Cappella Syllable: bigbottom Favorite Song in Pennchants Rep: I Want You Back Benchpress: About four or five small children Current Sexual Partners: Abstinent Current Attractive Sexual Partners: Abstinent Preferred Sex Noise: Zoo-Wee-Mama! Body Abnormalities: Ever since the accident it’s been a heightened sense of smell…. Read more »