Freshman Performing Arts Night 2015

Every year the Performing Arts Council (PAC) hosts Freshman Performing Arts Night (FPAN). FPAN is a showcase of student performing arts groups across Penn’s campus, ranging from the sweet A Cappella stylings of the Pennchants to dance to theatre, and everything in between. Admission is $10 for freshmen, and attendance is highly encouraged! It is a great opportunity to see each one of PAC’s 45+ groups up on stage! Even if you have no idea what you want to do or how to get started, watching a group perform at FPAN may open your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t even considered!

Join the Facebook event for more information. Tickets may be purchased online here or at the Annenberg Center Theatre Box Office at 36th and Walnut. Don’t delay! Buy your ticket now before it sells out! FPAN usually sells out before the show!

Hope to see you there!